“Tradição Lusa” project fits in the contest notice for submission of applications n. º CENTRO-52-2015-01, for Collective Actions Support System – “Internationalization” inserted in the Regional Operational Program of the Center and promoted by AASE – Serra da Estrela Artisans Association.
TRADIÇÃO LUSA aims to promote the regional products of the Portugal Central Region through the structured plan implementation which aims to foster internationalization in the central region companies. The various initiatives aim to increase the visibility of Portugal Central Region artisanal products and consequently their exports. The project has planned promotion actions (fairs) of Central Region regional and artisanal products in countries where the Portuguese community is quite notorious and influential. It aims to deepen the knowledge about foreign markets, so it is necessary to study the export potential of Central Region traditional and local handicraft products. The project will support the traditional and local handicrafts export, where it provides a guide to support of Central Region traditional and local handicraft products export, Study on the potential exporter of Central Region traditional and local handicraft products and the creation of the technological platform – TRADIÇÃO LUSA.
Project Objectives
Collaborative processes of internationalization, knowledge sharing and training for internationalization.
  • Prospecting, knowledge and access to new markets.
  • International promotion of the Portuguese offer of goods and services, with a special focus on companies in the Central Region.
  • Supporting enterprises in innovation and export.
  • Encourage the growth, in quantity and value, of companies' exports with a permanent and sustainable character.